Digital Photography Tip Number 6....Zoom in or move closer to subject

Tip #6) Zoom In Or Move Closer To Subject.... This applies mainly when you are photographing people and animals. I have seen so many photos of people/animals and the main subjects are just a little dot in the photograph. You can't recognize their faces, because they are so small, and then there is so much wasted space around the subjects.

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The photographer should have zoomed in closer, or moved closer if they ran out of optical zoom. You could crop the photo on your computer, but then the quality of the photo will be reduced. It is best to zoom in while taking the photo, it makes for a much better, clearer, professional looking photo.

I guess now that I think about it more, this tip would apply to other items also, not just people and animals. If you are photographing some historic statue or something interesting like that, you should fill the viewfinder with it so everyone can clearly see it in your photos. Of course there are times that you don't want to fill the viewfinder/photo with just that subject, but fill it enough so there isn't so much wasted dead space around the subject.

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