Wedding Checklist Wedding Photography Tip Number 5....You Need A Wedding Checklist

Tip #5) You Need A Wedding Checklist.... Wedding photography tip. Wedding Photography is usually very hectic and you don't have much time to think. It is very easy, especially for me, to forget something, and that something could be a very important photo.

There are so many different photo opportunities at a wedding, and you are usually very busy, so it is very easy to forget something. If you carry along with you a wedding checklist of all the different events or scenes that need to be photographed, you will have a much better chance at capturing everything that the wedding couple wanted.

Since we think it is so important to have a wedding checklist, we have added one to our website that you can download for free if you would like. There are many different photo ideas listed, and room to add more if you think of something that isn't on the list. If you would like to download our free wedding checklist please click here, Free Wedding Photo Checklist.

Print the wedding photography checklist out and it would be good to give a copy to the wedding couple to go over and add more if they need to. You could go over the checklist with the wedding couple and decide what photos are must have photos and what are not so important. Decide when to take some of the photos and if some should be staged or not.