Top 5 Photography Tips!

Our top 5 photography tips, Well let me think a little here, what do I always remind myself to do before taking photos? Here are our top 5 photography tips at this moment:

1) Before taking any photos I always check my camera settings for each situation. Check the ISO speed for the amount of light available, check the shutter speed, aperture, white balance, focus point, is auto-focus on, quality setting, etc. Also what goes along with this tip is to really know your camera well, don't be afraid to read the manual, so you can make adjustments quickly.

2) Make sure your main subject is in focus, out of focus main subjects ruin good photos. To make sure my scenics are in focus, I have been using the center spot focus point in my Canon, deciding what is the main focus point in the scene, focusing on that area, then while holding down the shutter button to hold the focus, I recompose the photo how I like it and then take the photos. If you have your camera use all the focus points available, you might not know what point it will use and it might be the wrong point, so the wrong area of the scene will be in focus.

3) Always keep your eye open for some interesting angle on a scene, don't just settle for the same old angle that everyone else uses.

4) Make sure your white balance is correct for the scene. It is really hard to make the scene look natural after the fact with photo editing software, in my experience anyway. I have some indoor photos that have a bluish tone to them when they should be a more warm tone, and I could not modify them to get them to look like they should have, so correct white balance is important.

If you shoot your photos with the quality setting set to RAW, then the white balance isn't as important because you can easily change it later with software. Canon supplies RAW image editing software called "Digital Photo Professional", with their cameras, and this is what I use to change the white balance of the RAW images.

5) And for number 5, I will say hold your camera steady. Nothing ruins a photo more than unwanted blur.

If you want a lot more photography tips, please feel free to check out our Beginners Photography Tips Page.

Hope these top 5 photography tips help, Bob

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