Wedding Photography Tip Number 4....You Need To Take Many Photo In Wedding Photography

Tip #4) You Need To Take Many Photos.... When taking photos of a wedding, it is really important to take lot's of photos in order to get something great. It is usually a once in a lifetime event for the couple getting married, so more is always better. By taking more photos you will have more to choose from and you might capture something you wouldn't have if you took only a few photos.

With the new fast digital cameras you can take from 5 to 11 frames per second, so you have a good chance to get that great wedding photo. But even with a fast camera, you still have to stay alert, follow the activities, and be in the right position to get the great shot. In order to get that special moment at a wedding event, you need to keep the camera clicking. Many times someone gets in the way, or peoples eyes are closed or they have a weird expression on their face, or a photo is out of focus, or the lighting is bad, so more is always better.

You can go through the photos later and delete all the bad ones. To get good wedding photos, you should have a fast camera. One that can take at least 5 FPS(Frames Per Second), so you can take many photos and have a better chance at catching that perfect wedding moment. So keep your finger on the shutter button and give that shutter a workout, and you will be sure to capture some great photos.