Digital Photography Tip Number 8....Don't Miss Shots With a Slow digital Camera

Tip #8) Don't Miss Shots With A Slow Digital Camera.... I hear alot of people complain about missing a great photo, because their cameras was so slow. Your cute baby gives a great smile, you press the shutter button and wait and wait and wait................and finally the camera snaps the photo, but in the meantime your cute baby stopped smiling and is looking away from the camera in the photo. Ahhhh, stupid camera!!

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Don't let this happen to you again, make sure your camera can react quick enough so you don't miss another great photo. I thought camera manufacturers listed shutter lag in their specifications, but after looking, it doesn't look like they do list it.

The best way then to see how fast a camera will react to pressing the shutter button, is to go try them out at a store. So head over to your nearest camera store or Walmart and try out some cameras before you buy one, then you what you are getting.

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