Digital Photography Tip Number 12....If You Get Rain On Lens, Clean It Off

Tip #12) Wipe Off The Rain On Your Lens.... You might think that a little rain drop on your lens won't effect your photos, but they will. I was taking some photos this summer in the drizzle, and not worrying about getting a little dizzle on my lens. I would wipe it off if I happened to notice, but didn't really worry about it bothering my photos.

Lens/Camera/Sensor Cleaning Items

When I got back home and looked at some of the photos, I was really disappointed, some of them had very noticeable large rain drop marks on the photos, as you can see in the photo below. I didn't think they would be so noticeable, but they were, and they would be alot of work to try and get out using Photo editing software. It would have helped to have a lens hood/shade on to protect it from rain, but I didn't have one for that lens. I was using smaller apertures also, so that brings more dust, dirt, water drops into focus, that are on your lens or image sensor.

Digital photography tip number 12, Wipe rain on lens off. As you can see in this photo, when you get rain drops on your lens, it will show up on your photos, if the rain drops are big enough. I forgot to check my lens, and then when I saw this photo I was kind of shocked how visible the rain drops were in the photo. So remember to check your lens often to see if anything has gotten on the lens. To see a larger version of the photo, please click on the digital photo.

So just remember to keep that rain and drizzle off your lens with a lens hood/shade, or before taking photos wipe the water off, so you won't be seeing it in the photos at home.