Digital Photography Tip Number 29....Buy A Camera with Optical Zoom During Videos

Tip #29) Buy A Camera That Zooms Optically During Videos.... Most digital cameras now can take videos, but not all allow you to zoom optically during the videos, and I think that's a big disadvantage. Zooming during videos might make some noise in your videos, but not enough usually to bother you.

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I am always zooming during my videos, so I can't imagine not being able to like some cameras. Some only zoom digitally during videos, but then the quality will go way down. Most specs don't really tell you if they zoom optically during videos, so if possible go try them out at a store near you before you buy.

I know because of my own experience that Kodak and Panasonic Digital cameras zooms optically during videos. The Canon cameras that I have used don't zoom optically during videos, and I think Olympus doesn't either. If I find out more about which cameras zoom optically during videos or not, I will post that info here.

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