Wildlife Photography Tip Number 3....You Need Lot's Of Memory Card Space

Tip #3) You Need Lot's Of Memory Card Space.... You should always carry extra memory cards and batteries with you when you are out taking photographs. Nothing is worse than having a great photo opportunity and your memory card is full or your camera or flash battery goes dead. It doesn't cost that much to have a backup, and it will save you a lot of trouble.

Great Deals On Memory Cards!

As we talked about in the last action wildlife photography tip of having a fast shutter finger, you can take so many photos in such a short time, and if the action lasts for a few hours, you will be eating up your memory card space very fast. Especially with a camera that can take 11 frames per second, you really need lot's of memory card space and computer space for that matter. I wouldn't take less photos though, just because you are worried about using too much space, because then you will miss some great action shots. They are always coming out with bigger memory cards and hard drives and the prices are reasonable, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Memory cards are getting cheaper and cheaper and adding more and more storage space on them, so if you find yourself running out of space too quickly, don't be so cheap, go buy a new larger faster memory card. It helps to buy faster memory cards also, then they will save quicker and preview quicker on your camera. Memory cards are coming in sizes up to 16GB as of this writing, but I still think it is safer to have a few memory cards just incase something goes wrong or is damaged with your main memory card.

Always store your memory cards in the little plastic boxes that they come in, so they don't get dirty or wet. CompactFlash memory cards have tiny little holes in one end and it wouldn't be good to get dirt or dust or water in them holes, not good at all. It could ruin the memory card or damage your camera if you try pushing it into your camera when there is dirt in some of the holes.

So now get out there and capture some great action wildlife photography, and get some good exercise, fresh air and see some great scenery at the same time!!