Digital Photography Tip Number 22....Use Your Lens Cover And A LCD Cover

Tip #22) Use Your Lens/LCD Cover.... Sometimes it might seem like a hassle to use your lens cover and LCD cover/protective film, but they will really keep the dirt off and keep the surfaces from getting scratched.

I didn't have a LCD cover or protective film on both of my cameras LCD screens and now both are all scratched up. I wish I would have bought them replaceable protective films and stuck them on my LCD screens. I wouldn't have all the scratches now, and when I want to sell these cameras, the scratches will be negative selling points. Clean nonscratched LCD screens also are much nicer to view your photos on. Many times the scratches interfere with my photo viewing.

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Using your lens cover is also important. Many small point-and-shoot cameras have them built-in and you don't even have to think about them, which is nice. Others like mine, have the cover attached with a string which helps keep if from getting lost. But most SLR's lens covers are loose, so you have to keep track of it. It is important to use to keep the dirt and rain off, but especially to keep your lens from getting scratched when not in use. No photographer wants a huge scratch on their lens, so it isn't worth being lazy and not using the lens cover.