Digital Photography Tip Number 19....Set The ISO Number Higher For Dim Lighting

Tip #19) Set The ISO Number Higher For Dim Lighting.... When shooting photos in dim lighting, set your ISO number higher, like 400 to 800 or higher. This will give you a faster shutter speed and help keep your photos from being blurry and help to brighten up the background of your photos. Blurry photos aren't worth much, so make sure you do everything you can to keep yours from being blurry.

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Also photos with flash where the subject is brightly lit up, but the background is just totally black, aren't very good looking. Photos look much better when the background is lit up also, so setting your ISO number higher will help lighten up the background.

By setting the ISO number higher, you might see more digital noise(graininess) in the photos and reduced quality of the photos. To reduce this side effect, only set the ISO high enough to stop the blur.

Newer cameras coming out, are featuring improved low light operation and reduced noise at higher ISO settings, so that will be a great improvement.

If your camera has built-in image stabilizer, then that will help keep your photos from being blurry in low light, but you can still get blur if the shutter is still slow. So you might have to set the ISO higher even with a camera with image stabilizer. It is better to have a photo with a little more digital noise, than a photo that is blurry, so set your ISO number higher in low light conditions.