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Here you will find HDR photo tips and information for taking great HDR photos (HDR = High Dynamic Range) from multiple photos. We also have HDR photo samples, HDR photo tutorials, FAQ(frequently asked questions section), comments section where our visitors can submit their HDR photo tips or suggestions on improving our HDR photo section of this website. So thank you for stopping by our website and we hope you contribute to this website with your tips and suggestions. Take care, and come back again soon.

In the photo carousel below, are some examples of HDR photos from www.free-digital-photography-tips.com. You can stop the carousel by putting your mouse cursor over an image. If you want to see a larger version of the photo in the carousel, or see more photos/digital art like these, please click on one of the photos and you will be taken to the page where that photo is located. Below you will find tips and info on making great HDR photos.

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HDR Photography Information

This slideshow shows the exciting results of making a HDR image from 3 or more images with different exposure values. The first photo is the normal average exposure of the scene to get detail in the mountain. The second photo is -2 Exposure Compensation to get detail in the bright sky. The third photo is +2 Exposure Compensation to get detail in the shadow areas on the bottom of the mountain. And the forth and final photo is the HDR photo of all three photos combined to get detail in all areas of the photo and to increase the color saturation. You can stop the slideshow by putting the mouse cursor over the images.

luzern switzerland phanomen artwork hdr photo

HDR(High Dynamic Range) photos can make an ordinary scene look awesome, if you have the right conditions, equipment, and knowledge. Not every scene works good for HDR photos, so we will give you some tips on what scenes work good and not so good for HDR photos, and tips on how to take photos to use as HDR photos. Also, as you can see below, we have many sample slide shows, showing what photos we used to create a HDR photo, and then the final HDR photo that was created by the three bracketed photos.

HDR photos are great and can take your photography to the next level, and allow you to create amazing photos, and get you excited about photography again. Most of the time when you have a great photo opportunity, the scene has too high of contrast from the highlights to the shadows, so taking one photo isn't going to create a very good result. That's where HDR photos come in and turn that great photo opportunity into a great photo. Creating HDR photos can be a rewarding and exciting experience, so I hope you enjoy this HDR page and learn something new to help you create great HDR photos.

You will need to purchase HDR software to create HDR photos, so please see our HDR software page to order your copy of Photomatix HDR software, Photomatix HDR Software Page. If you have any questions or comments on HDR photos, please contact us by clicking here. Thank you!

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swiss pilatus luzern switzerland castle wall sunset hdr photo sunset

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