Take a break, try your luck at these fun online games!

This page is to give web surfers a break with some fun online games like the classic pong, Lottery Number Picker, Reflex Tester, Tower Of Hanoi, and a Digital Puzzle all at www.free-digital-photography-tips.com.

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Pong, A Classic Oldie But Goodie!

I have yet to even come close to winning this game, so contact us if you win, I will be very surprised if someone can beat the computer. One disadvantage we have over the computer is that new serves always come to the left, so that makes it harder to beat the computer. Have fun!!

Digital Puzzle!

Lottery Number Picker!

Lottery number picker, guaranteed to win....JUST KIDDING!!


Reflex Tester!

Test your Response time!

Click on "Start" first, and wait until the background color changes. As soon as it changes, hit "stop!

Tower Of Hanoi!

To play our Tower Of Hanoi game click here, Play Tower Of Hanoi.

Great Deals On Video Games!