Digital Photography Tip Number 10....Don't Forget The Foreground

Tip #10) Don't Forget The Foreground.... When you are taking scenic photos of some great mountains or a lake or city, don't forget to add some great elements to the foreground of your photos. A beautiful tree, statue, park bench, flowers or many other things, can make your ordinary scenic photo, into a much better photo with a great foreground element added in.

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Look in magazines and books and other places where you see professional photographs and many of the most interesting ones have something prominently shown in the foreground of the photos. It is easy to forget to add some foreground elements, but if you remember to add them to some of your photos, they will probably be your favorite photos.

When you are taking scenics, just take a quick look around to see if there is some great tree, statue, people sitting on a park bench, flowers, or anything else that would add more interest to your scenic. The foreground elements often look great as silhouettes in evening shots, or the in-focus main element of the photo and the background is blurred.

Of course you could use a small aperture and have everything in focus, which looks great also. Sometimes for sunset photos, it looks better to use some fill-flash to light up the foreground element, and then have the great sunset colors in the background. So experiment a little with foreground elements to your photos, and you will get some great scenics

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