Flash Wedding Photography Tip Number 6....Flash Or No Flash Or Fill-Flash

Tip #6) Flash Or No Flash Or Fill-Flash....Flash Wedding Photography Tip. Many people wonder, should I use a flash or not? I think for wedding photography, it is smart to always use some fill flash when photographing people so their eyes aren't dark shadows. You can adjust the flash so that you can hardly know it was used, but it helps to lighten up the shadows.

Also to keep the background indoors from getting too dark when using flash, use a higher ISO setting like 800 or so, so that the ambient light exposure readings are equal to the cameras flash exposure settings.

Like when you use a flash the camera usually uses exposure settings like 1/60th second and f/5.6 or something, so to get the background exposure to be correct, put the ISO setting up so that the ambient light reading is about equal to the flash settings.

You could also just expose for the ambient light making sure the shutter speed isn't too slow so that everything is in sharp focus. Take a camera reading of the ambient light, making sure the shutter speed is 1/60th of a sec or more, and then just use the flash as a fill flash by adjusting its power down to the lowest setting or so.

They say to keep things from getting blurry with handheld camera shots, your shutter speed should be about equal to your lenses focal length. So if you are using a 50mm lens, your shutter speed should be at least 1/50th of a sec to keep pictures from being blurry from your hand movement. I have found I could get fairly sharp photos with a shutter speed of about 1/60th of a sec. New cameras now have built in image stabilizers to help with handheld photos, but that doesnt help if the people are moving too much, it only helps reduce the cameras movements.

Outdoors it depends if you have direct sun which produces lots of hard dark shadows, so you should definitely use some flash to lighten the shadows, or move the people to shaded areas. Cloudy days have very even lighting, so fill flash isnt as necessary.

When taking indoor photos of the whole church then either use a tripod, a high ISO setting and a shutter speed of at least 1/60th of a second, or use a camera and lens with a good image stabilizer built in, but the people still need to stay still or they will be somewhat blurry. The only way to stop movement of people, is to use a high shutter speed like 1/250th of a second, or use a powerful flash, but then the background will be black. When you use a higher ISO setting, your photos will have more digital noise in them, but new digital cameras are getting better at reducing noise at higher ISO settings, but 800 is usually pretty good.