Digital Photography Tip Number 4....Turn faces away from the sun to reduce face shadows

Tip #4) Turn Faces Away From The Sun.... When photographing people in bright sunlight, it is usually best to not have them face the sun for photographs.

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Most people will squint their eyes, and there will probably be harsh shadows on their faces, so it is best to turn them away from the sun. Or you could find some shade, like under a big tree, or the shaded side of a wall, so then their faces will be evenly lit, and they won't have to squint, and they will have shadow free faces with natural smiles.

If you do take photos of peoples faces in direct sunlight, it helps to use a fill flash from the camera to help light up any shadows on their faces. It makes it worse also if someone is wearing a baseball cap, that really adds shadow to the face, so try to avoid caps in sunlight photos.

You can also use photo editing software to help light up shadows on faces. I use Corel Paintshop Pro X, and it has a tool called Fillflash, and it worked wonders with our wedding photos from this summer.

We had a beautiful sunny day, but when we looked through our photos, many of them had hard shadows on the faces, because of the sunlight and the fillflash from the camera didn't always fire, because the flash batteries were weak. So I opened some of them in Corel, used the Fillflash tool and they looked much better. Also the Fillflash tool has the option to increase the color saturation, so I did that also to liven up the photos.