Wildlife Photography Tip Number 8....Don't Miss Great Shots Because Of Daydreaming

Tip #8) Don't Miss Great Shots Because Of Daydreaming.... Daydreaming and wildlife photography are not a good combination if you want to get some great action wildlife photos.

You must always be alert and ready for the next good action to happen. If you are daydreaming and looking at your cell phone, you will be missing some good action shots. The action happens so fast in wildlife photography, so if you daydream for a second you could miss something special.

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I've done it before. There seems to be nothing exciting going on so you start to get bored and thinking about something else and looking at your watch and then....BAAAMMMM, the bear growls and shows its teeth, or an eagle comes and snatches a fish from the water, or a lion attacks an antelope, and you missed it totally, because you were daydreaming. Not good if you want to capture some great action wildlife photography.

You have to fight off the urge to daydream. Even when nothing cool seems to be happening, like a deer is calmly eating something, another deer or a wolf or anything could come and attack that deer and create some wild action shots. If you were paying attention and watching closely, you could have gotten some great action wildlife photos of a deer getting attacked or chased by another animal.

That's what makes for great action wildlife photography, when you capture something special that happens so fast, that the human eye barely sees it, but since you were paying attention and not daydreaming, you captured the awesome action on your camera.

It is already difficult to capture great action wildlife photography, but if you are always daydreaming or doing something other than paying close attention to what's going on, then it makes it even harder to capture anything good.

So even if you are bored out of your mind, because nothing seems to be happening, stay focused, pay attention, follow the action with your camera ready, and you will be capturing some great action wildlife photography. Soon National Geographic will be calling your number to work for them....maybe you never know...