Digital Photography Tip Number 11....Get Real Close To That Flower With Close Up/Macro Photography

Tip #11) Get Real Close To That Flower.... Most of the time when photographing flowers, it is much better to get really close and fill the viewfinder with one or two flowers and have the background blurred out. Most great flower photos are a close-up of one flower, showing the fine details of its petals and other components. You can either take the photo looking from the top, straight into the flower or from the side, showing the petals and stem.

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Some things that looks great in close-up flower photography is water droplets on the flower, or dripping off the flower, or of course butterflies and bees. You usually have to be very quick to get a good butterfly or bee on a flower, so be ready. What also looks great in flower photography is when you have the main flower in sharp focus and then flowers in the background very blurry.

I have noticed with my Canon 20D, which I want to sell and get the 50D or 5D MarkII, that the colors of flowers taken with the camera just aren't as nice as real life. I'm sure the newer cameras can reproduce the colors better, so that is one reason I want to sell my 20D.

It is also smart to bracket exposures or experiment with different exposure settings, when taking close-up flower photos, because a little change in exposure can wash out some fine details and colors of that gorgeous flower. Seems like most of the time the camera will overexpose the flower in the photo, so you could underexpose by -1/3 to -2/3rds.

Another thing to experiment with while photographying flowers is the aperture. Usually when you are doing close-up/macro photos the background will be blurry, but you can change the amount of blurriness, by changing the aperture. A large aperture like F2.8 will have a very short depth-of-field(focus) so the background will be very blurry, but changing the aperture to F22 for example, will give you a small aperture and longer depth-of-field(focus) so the background will be more in focus. This aperture setting, you will have to experiment with to find the right amount of depth-of-field(focus) that you like. Digital SLR cameras usually have a depth-of-field preview button to show you the effect of the aperture setting before taking the photo, but with digital cameras, you can just take a photo, look at the result on the LCD and change the aperture if you don't like it.

Close-up/macro photography is also best to do on a cloudy day, so the light isn't overpowering and causing lots of shadows. On a sunny day just find some flowers in the shade or make your own shade with a piece of cardboard. Flower photography is also a great to do when there doesn't seem to be anything else good to photograph, just get out and walk around and you will surely find some great flowers to shoot. So get out, have some fun, get some exercise and fresh air, and find some beautiful flowers!!

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