Digital Photography Tip Number 16....Have a Clean Camera and Lens

Tip #16) Clean Your Lenses And Camera Bodies.... It is important to keep your camera and lens clean, but more so for Digital SLR camera owners. Dirt and fingerprints on your lens can affect picture quality, and dirt on your camera body increases the possibility that dirt can get inside the camera and cause problems with the buttons, switches, dials, LCD screen and cause rough zooming of the lens.

Photography Cleaning Items

Keeping your lens and camera clean is really important for digital SLR camera owners, especially if you change/remove your lenses. If you have lots of dust and dirt on the lens and camera body, and then you remove the lens, dirt will get inside the camera and eventually find its way onto your image sensor. This dirt/dust will show up on your photos, mostly on the sky area of scenics, or anywhere that is a smooth solid lighter color, like the blue sky, or cloudy sky.

Newer cameras are having built-in image sensor cleaners, but it is still best to keep your equipment clean, and keep the dust out. Dust spots on photos are really annoying and are not always easy to get rid of with software, plus it takes time, and there can be dozens of spots if you never clean the sensor. In the next tip I will describe how you can clean your image sensor.