Black And White Photography Tips And Photos

Thank you for stopping by our Black and White Photography page. Here you will find some B&W photography and some B&W photography tips.

Black and White photography can be a very fun and satisfying hobby or activity. Color photography is more popular than B&W photography, but B&W photos still have their place in photography. You should remember to look at your color photos and imagine them as B&W, because you might be surprised how cool the color photo looks as a black and white photo. Now with computers and photo editing software, if you have the digital photo, it is so easy to convert it to B&W.

You can always shoot all your photos in color and then convert them to black and white later, with digital photography it makes it so easy. So don't forget to look at scenes and your color photos, and imagine them as B&W, because B&W photos are still loved by many people. Look at Ansel Adams, he is so famous and all of his photos are black and white.

Black and White Photography!

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Copper Harbor Michigan lighthouse beautiful Lake Superior Upper Peninsula Michigan

Copper Harbor Michigan lighthouse and beautiful Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Swiss fisherman Lake Luzern near Kehrsiten Switzerland

Swiss fisherman on Lake Luzern, near Kehrsiten Switzerland, on Aug. 12th, 2007.

Avenger monster truck crushing cars Houghton County Fair Hancock Michigan

Avenger monster truck crushing cars at the Houghton County Fair in Hancock Michigan.

Awesome looking horse grazing steep Mount Rigi hillside Switzerland

Awesome looking horse grazing on a steep Mount Rigi hillside in Switzerland.

great historic famous Rialto Bridge Venice Italy

The great historic and famous Rialto Bridge in Venice Italy.

Sailboat passing White City lighthouse Upper Peninsula Michigan

Sailboat passing by the White City lighthouse in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Bikini dance team cheerleaders

Bikini dance team or cheerleaders do their routine during a volleyball match to get the crowd excited, in Luzern Switzerland

Gondola cruising watery streets Venice Italy

Gondola cruising the watery streets in Venice Italy.

angry vicious terrifying bear looking bite head off Arth Goldau Switzerland

An angry, vicious, terrifying bear looking to bite my head off in Arth Goldau Switzerland.

Black and white photo beautiful rose Luzern Switzerland

Black and white photo of a beautiful rose in Luzern Switzerland.

Wedding photo sepia colored background Mount Pilatus Luzern Switzerland background

Wedding photo with a sepia colored background, with Mount Pilatus and Luzern Switzerland in the background.

Sea shells beach Fort Myers Florida

Sea shells on the beach in Fort Myers Florida

Black and White Photography Tips:

1) You should try and imagine the scene in black and white. Look at the contrasts between different colors, in black and white photography, strong contrasts look good, like between black and white. Also look at all the shapes, and lines, and the bright areas and the shadow areas.

2) In color scenes most of the time you want softer light and less shadows, like with the sun lower in the sky, but in black and white photography its usually the opposite. It's usually more dramatic if the sun is higher in the sky, so you have more shadows, and therefore you can use the light to enhance the contrast in the photos.

3) Choosing your subject in black and white photography is a little different than in color photography. Some things like sunsets that look great in color aren't very interesting in black and white photography. Some things that tend to look good in black and white are old things like buildings, fences, cars, old wrinkled people, lot's of old things usually look good in black and white. Also I think flowers usually look good in black and white, especially flowers with lots of contrast.

4) In black and white photography, you basically use your camera the same as in color photography, but you have to change the way you see your subject, like we wrote in the previous black and white photography tips.