Digital Photography Tip Number 15....Backup Photos Or You Might Lose Them All

Tip #15) Backup Photos Or You Might Lose Them All.... This is very important, unless you don't care about losing all your precious photos. You can't rely on your computer to never breakdown, they will never be 100% reliable, so you better back your photos up. I have external harddrives that I backup my photos on. It might take a little time at first to get everything backed up, but then if you just do it once a week or something like that, it doesn't take too much time.

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You could also make backups of your photos on CD's or DVD's, but that isn't as convenient as having them on harddrives. On harddrives, you can access them anytime, just like they are on your computer, but with CD's and DVD's, you have to find the right CD/DVD, then put it in the computer and wait for them to load up. So I think external harddrives are the way to go, and they are getting cheaper and cheaper, and bigger and bigger everyday. Bigger, capacity wise, not physical dimension wise.

Another way to backup photos is by storing them on a website. There are many websites out there that offer photo storage services, just type it into Google and they will come up in the search. I have some photos on, but I'm not using it as backup storage for my photos, but you could use it to do that. Some other websites where you can store you photos is and With some websites, to have unlimited storage space, you will have to buy a yearly membership for about $30/year. You will need a fast internet connection to be able to upload your full-size photos, otherwise you will go crazy waiting for your photos to upload.

Don't procrastinate any longer, backup your photos today, before it is too late, and your computer fries its harddrive, and all your precious photos and other files are lost forever. I just recently had one of my external harddrives fail, thankfully it was one with only about 50GB of photos stored on it. I was able to get the files off and then reformat the drive and then it worked fine again, but who knows why it failed, so that's why it is so important to backup your files. I used some special software to be able to get the files off the harddrive, because normal windows explorer couldn't access them. If you have this happen to you let me know and maybe I could help you out. You could contact me here.

Backup all your files and photos NOW!! Just do it!