Digital Photography Tip Number 13....Anytime For Photography Is The Right Time For Photography

Tip #13) Anytime Is The Right Time For Photography.... It may seem like today there is just nothing good to photograph. The weather isn't very good, it's foggy, it just rained, the sun is too bright and high in the sky, but no matter what the conditions, you can always find something to photograph, if you really wanted to.

If it is foggy, that doesn't mean there isn't anything to photograph, just the opposite, there is plenty, plus some unique conditions that you normally don't have. You could find some road to photograph and the road just disappears into the fog, or shoot a tree in the fog or some farm animals grazing. You can also get more creative with car headlights shining at the camera through the fog, or just use a flashlight to add some unique lighting effect. You could always shoot close-up subjects when there is fog, like flowers, or fine details on buildings or other structures.

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If it is raining or just stopped raining, you have many choices also. You could photograph people walking with umbrellas, or water droplets dripping off flowers or other similar things. Kids love splashing through water puddles, so that is another great photo opportunity. After rain, always be ready for that great rainbow, everybody loves rainbow photos. You could also take some photos inside, like of flowers or plants, and use the light painting technique described in Tip #30 here.

If the sun is really bright and high in the sky, then you could find some shade and take some close-up flower photos. You can also get some nice scenics with a high bright sun, just use a polarizer filter to reduce the glare on surfaces and enhance and deepen the blue of the sky.

So if you are really in the mood for some photography, but the conditions seem to be bad, open up your mind and you will find many great photo opportunites even on the worst day.

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